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Property Management Program

Property Management FAQ



1.- What services are provided by Bahia Property Management?


The Bahia Management—Property Management Services are:

  • Bill Paying: Payment of regular bills including water, electric, Homeowners’ Associations fees, Security Monitoring, Property Taxes, Bank TrustFees and others will be paid on behalf of the homeowner.
  • Preventive Maintenance to the Home*. We have a complete and comprehensive preventive maintenance program for the homes, to make sure the each home is being serviced accordingly to the manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Housekeeping Services*
  • Engineering Department that assist us to make any repairs in homes.*
  • Grocery Ordering and delivery*
  • Pest Control* Pest control program provided by a Certified company. (Pest Control is a requirement for all Loreto Bay homes according to the Condominium Regime Rules and Regulations).
  • Landscaping Maintenance*: Interior plant care provided by professionals.
  • Fountain and water feature maintenance*
  • Pool and Spa Maintenance*.
  • HVAC service*
  • Propane refills* For homes that include propane operated appliances or barbeques.
  • If required by the Homeowner, the Property Manager will represent the Owner on Condominium Regime issues or meetings.
  • Property Tax support: Review and payment of tax bills, including negotiation of billings where appropriate.
  • Assistance to find you contractors for special projects in your home. (Wood treatment, home improvements or renovations, etc).
  • Project Supervision*
  • Warranty representation: Property Management will represent the homeowner on warranty issues relating to all facets of the home.
  • Storm and Hurricane Preparations.
  • Security: Property Management will assist when security monitoring indicates a potential problem at the home.

* Services provided with an additional cost.

2.- Who is Bahia Management?


We are all well known here in the Loreto Bay Community by all homeowners after years of service not only in the Property Management office but also in the rental program. We offer Professional Property Management Services and the usual great service. We are also taking homes in La Paz and Los Cabos.

3.- How do I sign up for Property Management?


You can request the Property Management Agreement at

4.- Why choose Bahia Management when you have other choices in Property Management?


Experience: Our team has over 35 years of combined experience in Property Management and the Hospitality Industry. No other property management company in Loreto has this much experience.

Service: Even though Bahia has a large number of homes under management, its philosophy is to operate like a small company providing personalized service. Each manager works with up 55 homes; these managers are the same people owners at LB have worked with over the years for inspections, to answer questions and provide help, to get repairs and preventive maintenance done and to care for your home during tropical storms. We only deal with experience contractors who have a track record providing service to a large number of homes. Bahia promotes local business whenever possible. Who enters your home or courtyard is an important factor for most homeowners. Bahia’s service providers have a reputation for honesty and integrity backed by years of experience.

Cost: We’ve seen over and over in Loreto when service providers, contractors, and vendors promote low prices in order to attract business. This has never worked and in fact, they always quickly realize that they need to raise their prices. Their customers suffer from poor service and quality or in some cases, the company just stops doing business. We work with service providers that have a reputation for quality and fair cost. The greater the number of homes that Bahia manages, the greater the negotiating power. Cost is only meaningful if the work is done to your satisfaction.

5.- Is there a Start up fee?


No. You can join the program at any time.

6.- How do I pay for your services?


You will be able to pay your home expenses and our services by credit card (Visa, Master Card or American Express) or we have established bank accounts in a USA Bank (for payments with checks or electronic funds transfers).

7.- Will Property Management send regular accounting or reports?


You can see you On-line Home account 24/7, you can review every single charge to your account and in cases of repairs charges you can see pictures of the repair process. A quarterly statement will also be send that will include detail on all actual expenses on behalf of the homeowner.

8.- How much are your Property Management Fees for your Services?


We have established all our fees in Mexican Pesos and the fees are very reasonable. We change the past structure of charging by the square footage of the home to a fair fee per type of home.

9.- What is the program term?


The Property Management Agreement has an indefinite term and may be terminated by either party at any time for any reason with 60 days advance notice.

10.- Are there different levels of Property Management?


Yes. We have the Standard Program that includes all the Property Management Services including a complete inspection to the property once a month. And the Premium Service includes all the Property Management Services and complete weekly inspections to the Property.

11 .- What is the standard check list of a home inspection?


The general home inspections checklist items are: Structural elements, exterior evaluation (landscaping, doors, windows, lights, etc), plumbing (checking for leaks or problems in showers, toilets, sinks, faucets and traps, home systems and components (alarm system, water heaters, air conditioning among others) and appliances (dishwasher, range and oven, built-in microwaves and smoke detectors), and furniture.

12.- Is there a Preventive Maintenance Program for my home?


Bahia Management created the Bahia Management Preventive Maintenance Program with the assistance of our Engineering Department, IT department and with the input of Homeowners. We gathered information not only on manufacturers’ manuals, but also from the official service providers. On this program, you will be able to not only identify what are the recommendations from the manufacturers, but to work with your home manager to submit the occurrence of every maintenance service per appliance you need. We work with the homeowner to develop a preventive maintenance program to fit their specific needs.

13.- Does Bahia Management have a Rental Program?


Bahia Management created Bahia Villa Vacations (; our Premium Villa Rental Program; we offer to Bahia Management clients the opportunity to participate in this program which allows the homeowner to generate extra income during the times when their home is not being used. This program is optional for homeowners and completely flexible; you can put your home in our program 365 days of the year and the minimum is 25 days. Bahia Villa Vacations provides all the services required to make sure our guests have an unforgettable stay and will manage reservations, housekeeping services, and concierge services, check out process; etc.
Bahia Villa Vacations will handle the marketing and administration (which includes sending monthly statements, withholding tax as required by Law and payment of rental revenue in US Dollars) of the rental program we are working with the major villa rental agencies in North America. Please see Bahia Villa Vacations FAQ.

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Rental Management Program

Golf Course LoretoA dual benefit of ownership of a home in the Loreto Bay development is the opportunity to personally use your vacation home and gain additional income through the Bahia Management Rental Program "Bahia Villa Vacations".
We are please to offer homeowners the option to participate in a full service rental program.

Bahia Villa Vacations entire focus is always on maximizing rental nights and rental rates for individual property owners. Since we do not try to make money via company-owned rental units, we only make money when our rental property owner makes money. Our success is your success

Loreto Villa DevelopmentBahia Villa Vacations is a optional program for homeowners participating in the Bahia Management - Property Management Program. We have refined and improved the rental program and marketing strategies that service Bahia Villa Vacations; we have built a flexible program that truly incorporates the needs of the Homeowner, the Property and the ever-changing marketplace.

Bahia Villa Vacations has more collective experience successfully marketing vacations on Loreto than anyone.

See Frequently Asked Questions about our Program.

Our Goal

We strive to obtain the optimum rental income and occupancy for each villa owner, while providing a unforgettable guest experience

We Are Committed to
  • Provide our Guests and Homeowner with a memorable experience through professional and friendly service.
  • Provide our Owners with the peace of mind knowing that their property is being well cared for and that rental potential is being optimized.

Our Program Includes

Rental Reservation Management:
  • Advance rotation system distributes rental reservations in a fair and equitable manner between all units.
  • Partnering with full-service tour operators and central reservation facilities so guests can easily book reservations and area activities.
Housekeeping & Maintenance:
  • Inventory inspections at the time of each guest departure.
  • Professional, detail-oriented housekeeping team, serving both owners and rental guests.
Homeowner & Guests Services:
  • Knowledgeable guests services staff to assist guests and homeowners with finding activities in and around Loreto.
  • On-Site rental and property management staff to serve the immediate needs of homeowners and renters.
  • Pre-arrival correspondence outlining rental reservations and recreational options available during your stay.
  • Check-In and Check-Out service at front desk.
  • Monthly rental income statements and newsletters for homeowners.

Bahia Villa Vacations has some very distinct marketing advantages over its competitors. Year after year more and more travel is booked over the Internet. A successful marketing program begins with full and complete control over your website. Our Rental Program website is connected to the most important Villa Rental Agencies in North America to enhance rentals.

Of course marketing goes well beyond the Internet and Bahia Villa Vacations markets in specialized travel magazines, trade shows and print are all used to promote our brand and your home.

Guests Services

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a Quality Product, Excellent Service and great value. The Bahia Villa Vacations do not only rent a bed, they will experience outstanding service, such as:

  • Concierge Services
  • Check In & Check Out service at our Front desk.
  • On Site Rental Management Staff, to serve the immediate needs of the renter.
  • In-Home Spa Services
  • Personal Grocery Shopping
  • Airport Transportation
  • Tee Time & Fishing Excursions
  • Dinner Reservations

Guest Satisfaction is our TOP Priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions



1.- Why should I choose Bahia Villa Vacations as our Rental Manager?


Bahia Villa Vacations Rental Management is located on-site which allows us to provide a high level of service to both our homeowners and guests. Our Rental Management Program has been created to provide a one stop shop experience for homeowners.

2.- What is the term of the participation in Bahia Villa Vacations?


The initial term is for two years; with successive terms of two years. Participation can be terminated by either party with 60 days notice.

3.- How many nights do I have to put my home in the program?


There is no restrictions on the number of nights.

4.- What are the responsibilities of the Bahia Villa Vacations Manager?


Manager is responsible for the marketing and sales of the program; plus the staff, equipment and services required to operate the Bahia Villa Vacations Program. Please contact the Rental Manager for more details.

5.- What are the responsibilities of the homeowner?


Homeowner is responsible for the operation of the home, such as utilities, internet service, property taxes, landscaping, pest control (all the regular home expenses). Please contact the Rental Manager for more details..

6.- How does Bahia Villa Vacations decides which homes gets rented first?


Guests can choose directly from our website the villa they want based on special amenities or locations. If there are no special requests, our rental management software automatically distributes rentals on a fair and equitable basis.

7.- How are the nightly rental rates established for my home?


Rental Rates are established by researching and benchmarking comparable product from other developments in Baja California Sur, such as La Paz and Los Cabos.

8.- How will Bahia Villa Vacations drive occupancy to my home?


In order to drive the highest occupancy percentages, Bahia Villa Vacations works closely with tour operators and travel agents to reach out to local, national and international markets. We have collaboration agreements with Property Management agencies in Los Cabos and in La Paz; they help us market our product with their clients and we market their villas within our clients.

9.- What is the Standard furnishing that must be in the home prior to entering in to the Rental Program?


We have established minimum décor standards that are required to establish quality of the product (Villas). Any homes that was on the nightly rental program with LB is pre-approved. You can request the Décor Standards minimum requirements to the Rental Manager.

10.- How often can I use my home?


We have no restrictions on the number of days you can occupy your own home. We will send you a owner use calendar at the beginning of the year, but as longest the home doesn't have a reservation, you can use it.

11.- What villa amenities and housekeeping services are provided for the guest?


Upon arrival, guests receive full amenities which include luxury soap, shampoo, conditioner, paper products, dishwasher soap, and laundry detergent.

12.- How do I list my home in the Bahia Villa Vacations Website?


Once you have signed the Rental Management Program agreement and your home has been approved by the Rental Manager; we will work with you to create a unique Villa Profile. This profile includes pictures of every room and amenities of the home; as well as the different views your home has.

13.- Is there a cost to list my home in the Bahia Villa Vacations Website?


Yes, this fee includes the web designer fee to create a new Villa profile and proper programming to not only have it in our website but in the reservation centers we work with. This fee also includes the photo shoot and home preparation. This is a one time fee that you pay out of your first rental. Please request more information with your Home Manager.

14.- As a homeowner, how do I reserve time in my home for personal use?


You will have access to the Bahia Villa Vacations website, you can see if this has a reservation and/or you can make reservations on-line for your own unit.

15.- Will there be special rates for owners occupying another owner’s home?


Yes. We will have preferred pricing for this type of stay.

16.- Can I rent my house in my own?


Yes, we can work together on this. Please contact your Rental Manager for more details.

17.- Can I make my home non-smoking, non pets, or request any other restrictions?


All Villas are non-smoking; and in the Villa Profile you can advice us if we can list your home as Pet Friendly or any other restrictions.

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