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Our Services

Bill Payment


Payment of regular bills including water, electricity, and HOA fees, Property Taxes, Bank Trust Fees and others will be paid regularly and on time on behalf of the Homeowner. A guarantee for peace of mind knowing the bills are being taken care of no matter what

Home Inspections


Bahia Management will provide The Homeowner with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports including pictures and a checklist of items that need attention or service. These Home Inspection include maintenance inspections on all major appliances, air-conditioners, and pool equipment

Concierge Services


Our resourceful Concierge is available for you to make sure your every wish and need is met. Contact the Bahia Concierge for Golf tee times at the local golf courses, restaurant reservations, in-home spa services, a wide variety of tours, excursions and much more

Project Management & Special Projects


Bahia Management Home Managers are available to oversee and assist in coordinating all large repairs, remodels or construction projects to be performed at your home. Our own Engineering department handles most of these special projects

Maintenance / Engineering Services


Any time a problem is found and/or something requires repair, we will send the Engineering team to take care of the problem. We will coordinate all repairs or part replacements and everything will be tracked with work orders to keep your property in top condition and safe at all times

Preventive Maintenance


The Bahia Management Preventive Maintenance Program allows for maintenance services according to manufacturers’ manuals and authorized services providers information. We work with the Homeowner to develop a preventive maintenance program to fit their specific needs

Pool and Jacuzzi


Pool maintenance is so much more than skimming leaves and adding chlorine tablets. We provide a friendly, professional and reliable service. Our team is licensed and experienced in all facets of swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services

Meet & Greet


Bahia Management will ensure a seamless for you and your guests by coordinating in advance your flight details. The arrival process is always stress-free and all guests and Homeowners are shown their home’s ins and outs, given important contact numbers and local information by our team

Housekeeping Services


We recognize the need for the highest level of housekeeping services both for Homeowners’ satisfaction, as well as for overall maintenance of the home. Housekeeping services are performed as required and as often as requested (daily, at check-in, at check-out and deep cleaning)

Pre-Arrival Grocery Shopping


We can assist you by stocking your kitchen pantry and refrigerator prior to your arrival, or anytime throughout your stay. Simply provide us with your grocery list and we will manage the shopping and transportations of your requested items

Hurricane and Storms Preparedness


In the event of hurricane, we will provide hurricane preparation assistance. This includes shielding appliances and furniture by moving them to protected areas, cleaning all drains prior to storm and ensuring exterior items are stored to prevent window breakage

Landscape Services & Water Feature Maintenance and Pest Control


We work with Agua Verde Landscaping (www.aguaverde.mx ) they are hired on behalf of the homeowner to perform the Professional Ecofriendly Landscaping maintenance service. From trimming, pruning of plants, maintenance of irrigation system, removal of all landscaping and dead plant materials, fertilization and fumigation of interior and exterior of the home with non-toxic products (pest control does not cover termites extermination).

Payment of Home Expenses


Bahia Management accepts Visa and Master Card for services. You can also pay for your home expenses and our services by check or by Electronic Funds Transfer to our bank account in the United States.

Access to the Home Owner On-Line Portal 24/7


Homeowners can review their property management account and statement 24/7 on-line. The homeowner-portal feature offers multiple benefits to our clients, the most important of which is complete transparency of their property management account.

Legal Consultation & Fideicomiso Update


Our team provides free legal consultation; and if needed; we can assist with updating your Fideicomiso (Updating beneficiaries on the Trust, Change your Property to a Family Trust; etc).

Additional Services Available


Airport Transportation – Arrival Airport Transportation is available, through our concierge services.
Package Receipt – No Extra cost for our clients. (with exception of COD fees).

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