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Bahia Management and our focus on service

As we continue to welcome homeowners back to Loreto Bay and gathering feedback on our work, we wanted to take this chance to thank them all […]

People are moving to Loreto Bay… Do you know why?

Mexico has been a great destination to visit and to move to from decades now. Even though there’s been some concerns regarding security, we’ve been fortunate […]

Furniture ideas for your casa in Loreto Bay

We’re fortunate enough to have seen a lot of people get and furnish their home at Loreto Bay. The mexican style of the place and our […]

Preparing your home for a tropical storm or hurricane.

Loreto has pretty much a perfect weather all year long (a little warmer in the summer but we still like it). But from time to time, […]

An invitation to participate on our Vacation Rental Program.

Having an amazing property in Loreto Bay deserves some sharing, right? Some of our clients choose to travel for a determined season (usually summer) and leave […]

Loreto: the perfect foodie destination

Loreto is a magical place surrounded by an impressing mountain range called Sierra de la Giganta and the magnificent Sea of Cortes. A magical place we’ve […]

An important note about traveling

As a company that provides vacation homes for your trips, we usually focus on how amazing Loreto Bay is. But we also know this Mexican Paradise […]


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