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Property Management FAQ

How do I sign up for Property Management?

You can request the Property Management Agreement at hola@bahia.management


Why choose Bahia Management when you have other choices in Property Management?

Experience Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in Property Management and the Hospitality Industry. No other property management company in Loreto has this much experience.

Service Even though Bahia has a large number of homes under management, its philosophy is to operate like a small company providing personalized service. A home manager and 2 assistants is assign to your property; these home managers will work with you to report for home inspections, to answer questions and provide help, to get and track repairs and preventive maintenance done and to get your property ready for storms. We only deal with experience contractors who have a track record providing service and that are certified. Bahia Management promotes local business whenever possible. Who enters your home is an important factor for most homeowners. Bahia’s service providers have a reputation for honesty and integrity backed by years of experience.

Cost We work with service providers that have a reputation for quality and fair cost. The greater the number of homes that Bahia manages, the greater the negotiating power. Cost is only meaningful if the work is done to your satisfaction.


Is there a Start up fee?

No. You can join the program at any time.


How do I pay for your services?

You can pay your home expenses and services by credit card (Visa or Master Card) or you can send a check or deposit to our bank account in the USA.


Will Property Management send regular accounting or reports?

You can see you On-line Home account 24/7, you can review every single charge to your account. Regular statement will also be send that will include detail on all actual expenses on behalf of the homeowner.


How much are your Property Management Fees for your Services?

We have established all our fees in Mexican Pesos and the fees are very reasonable. (Starting in $ 950 Pesos per month).


What is the program term?

The Property Management Agreement has an indefinite term and may be terminated by either party at any time for any reason with 60 days advance notice.


Are there different levels of Property Management?

Yes. We have the Standard Program that includes all the Property Management Services including a complete inspection to the property once a month. We also have Bi-Weekly and Weekly Inspections (includes all the Property Management Services)


What is the standard check list of a home inspection?

The general home inspections checklist items are: Structural elements, exterior evaluation (landscaping, doors, windows, lights, etc), plumbing (checking for leaks or problems in showers, toilets, sinks, faucets and traps, home systems and components (alarm system, water heaters, air conditioning among others) and appliances (dishwasher, range and oven, built-in microwaves and smoke detectors), and furniture.


Is there a Preventive Maintenance Program for my home?

Bahia Management created the Bahia Management Preventive Maintenance Program with the assistance of our Engineering Department and with the input of Homeowners. We gathered information not only on manufacturers’ manuals, but also from the certified service providers. On this program, you will be able to not only identify what are the recommendations from the manufacturers, but to work with your home manager to submit the occurrence of every maintenance service per appliance you need. We work with the homeowner to develop a preventive maintenance program to fit their specific needs.


Does Bahia Management have a Rental Program?

Bahia Management works with its sister company Bahia Villa Vacations; our Rental Management Program; we offer to Bahia Management homeowners the opportunity to participate in this program which allows the homeowner to generate extra income during the times when their home is not being used. This program is optional for homeowners and completely flexible; you can put your home in our program 365 days of the year and the minimum is 25 days. Bahia Villa Vacations provides all the services required to make sure our guests have an unforgettable stay and will manage reservations, housekeeping services, and concierge services, check out process; etc.
Bahia Villa Vacations will handle the marketing (we work with the major vacation rental agencies in North America) and administration. And renting your unit with us gives you the peace of mind that you are renting your property on compliance with the Mexican Tax laws. Please contact us for more information on this program.

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